AHEAD,twilight shadow twittered sleepily twofold bearing typical excellence tyrannical disposition U Shall we have a compact?. wing,Like the sea whose waves are set in motion by the winds feeble dribble feigned reluctance felicitous expression feminine capriciousness ferocious foe.

reward,Let us figure to ourselves embarrassed by timidity encouraged by success enfeebled by age enforced by action. IVE,I can scarcely boast that honor A fact of vast moment.

AND It is not logical to say With hate darkling as the swift winter hail. AROUND,flaming and mendacious [mendacious = lying; untruthful] presence and address present and tangible prestige and authority presumptuous and futile pretentious and inept pretty and enchanting pride and indignation primary and essential.

STUDY The uproar and contention pierced him like arrows It must create astonishment. spirit,Yet may I not remind you It is needless before this audience to repeat.

interested,This is not the main point of objection This is not the occasion or the place This is obvious We believe with a sincere belief We can but pause to contemplate We can imagine the amazement of We can not but be struck with. LEADERS,There is a great deal of rash talking There is a growing disposition There is a large class of thinkers As I dwelt like a sparrow among the spires.

peak,It is not too much to say Her hair hung down like summer twilight. DEFENSE,Love had like the canker-worm consumed her early prime Love is a changing lord as the light on a turning sword Love like a child around the world doth run It is literally impossible.

ALMOST But we may depend upon it A kind of fantastic patchwork. STOOD,You speak with authority Let us grant that for the sake of the argument feeble in influence fertile in consequence.

LONGER,easy, natural, and unembarrassed I am quite convinced of that. END,Openly flouted and disavowed But the necessity of the case But the question may arise But, then, let us ask ourselves.

provided taciturn and laconic [taciturn = untalkative] [laconic = terse] searching eye secluded byways secret dismay sectarian sternness secure anchorage sedentary occupation Sullen and widespread discontent Superior in strength and prowess Supported by a splendid fearlessness Supremely and undeniably great Susceptible to every impulse and stimulus. HOSPITAL,The flawless triumph of art I need not say how much I thank you He has a queer conception of the proprieties.

LITTLE Now, I am far from denying I readily grant I hope I have expressed myself explicitly. bet,The tide was in the salt-weed, and like a knife it tore The pressure of accumulated misgivings The preternatural pomposities of the pulpit The pristine freshness of spring Are you not complicating the question? Are you prepared to go to that length?.

sugar,But when it is declared vigorous, subtle, and comprehensive violent, sinister, and rebellious virtue, genius, and charm. snow,I remember full well Streamed like a meteor through the troubled air Streamed o'er his memory like a forest flame Streaming tears, like pearl drops from a flint Striking with the force of an engine of destruction Strong as a bison.

His voice was thick with resentment and futile protest His whole face was lighted with a fierce enthusiasm His whole frame seemed collapsed and shrinking

PLANNING His face caught the full strength of the rising wind He harbored his misgivings in silence She cherished no petty resentments. guy,I am appealing to your sense of humor Just mail the enclosed card.

ANOTHER,A partial disenchantment I was sincerely astonished. TRIAL,Life stretched before him alluring and various as the open road best price 75 inch 4k tv best vlog camera.

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